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You Are a Soul, You Have a Body

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

You are not just a body. Your curly hair does not make you the person you are today. Your stubby knees are not your life’s purpose. You are a soul. You are capable of many things, beyond the physical world. Remember that the next time you look in the mirror and think “ew”. Instead, change your mindset, change your self-talk and say “who is this beautiful soul?

You can leave it at that, or go further with this practice. Look in the mirror and really see yourself. Look past the superficial bullshit, and look into your eyes. Get very specific with yourself. For example, “I have beautiful emerald eyes, I have a big smile, I have freckles that come out in the sun…” Talk yourself up! Give your body some love. And after, respect your soul. Respect the journey you are going through, mentally, emotionally and physically.

You honor your soul by respecting others on a soul level as well. If you were to be hovering over yourself all day, watching your body, what would your soul say? If you think you’re doing pretty good – congratulations. If you’re worried your soul might disown you – it’s time for a change!!

Think of your soul as your own guardian angel, except you have all the control. You get to choose! Isn’t that the beauty of free will? CHOOSING WHAT YOU WANT!

Are you ready to nourish your soul? Are you interested in exploring your life purpose?!

Message me ASAP! I have so much confidence that 3 power sessions with me will change your viewpoint for the better. Nourish your soul, book a session with me today <3

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