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Transform Your Financial Life from Chaos to Clarity

transform your financial life from chaos to clarity annie delre

Do you feel like your financial life is in chaos? You're not alone! 😵‍💫

Many people struggle to keep their finances in order, leading to stress and uncertainty. But what if you could transform that chaos into clarity? Imagine having a clear financial plan, saving more money, and spending wisely. 

Let's start by taking a look at your current financial situation 👇

Your Current Financial Snapshot

Take a moment to reflect on your current financial status:

  • Checking Account Balance: $_____

  • Savings Account Balance: $_____

  • Cash on Hand: $_____

Your Subscriptions

Subscriptions can quickly add up without us even realizing it. Take stock of how many subscriptions you have and how much you spend on them:

  • Number of Subscriptions: _____

  • Total Subscription Cost: $_____ per week/month

Examples: Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, GrubHub

Dining and Ordering Habits

Eating out and ordering food can be major drains on your finances. Here's a look at your habits:

  • Eating Out Frequency: ____x per week/month

  • Eating Out Cost: $_____ per week/month

  • Ordering Out Frequency: ____x per week/month

  • Ordering Out Cost: $_____ per week/month

Amazon Purchases

Amazon makes shopping easy and convenient, but it can also lead to overspending. Consider your current spending:

  • Amazon Orders Frequency: ____x per week/month

  • Amazon Purchases Cost: $_____ per week/month

Impulse Spending

We all have our vices, but they can add up quickly. Reflect on how much you spend on things you don't need or that aren't good for you:

  • Impulse Spending: $_____ per week/month

Examples: specialty coffee, lottery tickets

  • Spending on Unhealthy Habits: $_____ per week/month

Examples: alcohol, cigarettes/vapes, energy drinks, fast food

Imagine the Possibilities

Think about what you could achieve with that extra money:

  • Save for a dream vacation

  • Pay off debt faster

  • Build an emergency fund

  • Invest in your future

  • Start a side hustle

  • Upgrade your home

  • Treat yourself to something special

Change Your Current Situation

Did you notice everything started with “currently…”? That’s because this is only your current situation, it’s not permanent! 

You can learn to save more, spend wisely, and achieve your financial goals by joining my self-paced online course ‘Chaos to Clarity’. 

Turn your financial chaos into a clear action plan with clarity and confidence!

Are you ready?

Ready to take control of your finances and transform your life? 💰

Join my course ‘Chaos to Clarity: How to Get Your Sh*t Together’ and start your journey towards financial freedom. 

Let's turn that chaos into clarity together! 🤩
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