10 Simple Steps on How to Save Money

Updated: Mar 30

1. Buy groceries - make sure to buy snacks too so you're not buying them on-the-go

2. No more Starbucks, make coffee at home - a cup of Starbucks can be $5 and you can buy a bag of coffee for $8 ($5 a cup X 5 days a week = $25 weekly)

3. Drink more water, less juice and soda

4. Pregame before going out

5. Or stop drinking all together (this will save you money and calories)

6. Give up bad habits : smoking, gambling, etc.

7. Stop eating out, pack lunch daily and make dinner nightly (meal planning saves time and money)

8. Ask for a raise at work or take on a side hustle

9. Put a percentage of what you earn into a savings account immediately

10. Buy in bulk if you have the room for it – less runs to the store (save money, gas, and time)

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