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How to Balance Work & Play

Here are just a few ways to balance work and play

-Get a set schedule at work, that way you’re able to plan around it

-Wake up earlier, enjoy your morning

-Stop commuting so far to work (get a job closer or move) you’ll thank yourself later

-Schedule play time, put it into your calendar, and make dates with yourself

-Try not to work weekends, and if you have to, make sure you have time off during the week for yourself

-Make a routine, sometimes it’s nice to have a Monday-Friday routine, and then a weekend routine

-Stop checking your work email when you’re not at work

-Set boundaries with your boss, let them know when you’re not at work, you won’t be able to be reached via phone

-Prioritize your self-care

It's important to mention, your life will never be completely balanced - there's no such thing. What you want to do is try to balance out your professional and personal life as much as possible.

Check out the wellness wheel here to help you decide where you are currently with your life.

Can you think of more ways to balance your work and play? Comment below!

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