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Wellness Coaching on the Go!

Are you a busy professional woman looking to prioritize your wellness but struggling to find the time? Look no further!

My text-based wellness coaching is tailored specifically for women like you.

Experience transformative support and guidance right at your fingertips, whenever and wherever you need it!

What is text-based coaching?

Well, just that, coaching sessions are conducted via text.


Why would someone want a text-based coach?

Text-based coaching is great for busy women.

You’re able to have a coaching session wherever & whenever you want,

allowing for both convenience & privacy.

I want to help seamlessly integrate wellness into your busy schedule, while you achieve your health and wellbeing goals without compromising your work or personal life.

⏰ Examples of convenient times for text-based sessions include ⏰

✔️ In the morning before the day starts

✔️ At night while you’re winding down

✔️ During your child's nap time

✔️ In-between classes

✔️ Taking public transportation

✔️ Breaks at work

You’re able to text from anywhere, at any time, no one even needs to know you're in a coaching session.

Some clients I’ve worked with don't feel comfortable talking on the phone/video because they weren’t alone (home with family/roommates, at work), leaving them to have sessions from their cars.

Talking via text allows for the ability to stay right where you are.


What is your experience with text-based coaching?

I have coached hundreds of clients via text for over 1.5 years.


What are your clients experiences with text-based coaching?

Working with Annie was exactly what I needed. She’s brilliant at asking exactly the right questions. She can always help me gain clarity on my goals even when I’m feeling chaotic and like I’m making no sense at all. She guides me calming, compassionately and intelligently. I trust her and I’m grateful to have found her as a coach. Highly recommend!

- Clayton -

Working with Annie has been a transformative experience. From the very beginning, I felt comfortable speaking with her, and she made it easy for me to open up about my goals and challenges. Annie is a great listener, and she always offers insightful feedback and suggestions that help me stay accountable to my goals. What I appreciate most about working with her is that she empowers me to come up with my own solutions and strategies, but also provides guidance and support when needed. Overall, Annie is an exceptional coach who creates a safe and supportive environment that encourages deep growth and development.

- Laina -


How can I learn more?

Schedule a free 45-min 'Confidence & Clarity' call with me today!

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