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What is text-based coaching?

Updated: Jan 25



What is text-based coaching?

Well, just that, coaching sessions are conducted via text.



Why would someone want a text-based coach?

Text-based coaching is great for busy women.


You’re able to have a coaching session wherever & whenever you want,

allowing for both convenience & privacy.


⏰ Examples of convenient times for text-based sessions include ⏰

✔️ In the morning before the day starts

✔️ At night while you’re winding down

✔️ During your child's nap time

✔️ In-between classes

✔️ Taking public transportation

✔️ Breaks at work


You’re able to text from anywhere, at any time, no one even needs to know you're in a coaching session.

Some clients I’ve worked with don't feel comfortable talking on the phone/video because they weren’t alone (home with family/roommates, at work), leaving them to have sessions from their cars.

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