What is text-based coaching?

Updated: Aug 1


What is text-based coaching?

Well, just that, coaching sessions are conducted via text.


Why would someone want a text-based coach?

Let's start by talking statistics : based off a national survey by Open Market,

75% of millennials prefer texting over talking.


Text-based coaching is great for busy millennials.

You’re able to have a coaching session wherever & whenever you want,

allowing for both convenience & privacy.


Examples of convenient times for text-based sessions include:

✨ in the morning before the day starts

✨ at night while you’re winding down

✨ breaks at work

✨ during your child's nap time

✨ in between classes

✨ taking public transportation


Examples of privacy is that you’re able to text from anywhere, at any time,

no one even needs to know you're in a coaching session.

Some clients I’ve worked with were nervous to get on the phone/video because they weren’t alone (home with family/roommates, at work),

leaving them to have sessions from their cars.

Talking via text allows for the ability to stay right where you are.


Finally, I have heard from some clients that they’re uncomfortable sharing their challenges and goals on camera, or even on the phone.

They feel more comfortable behind the screen, and I want to honor that.


What is your experience with text-based coaching?

I have coached over hundreds of clients via text for over 1.5 years. I have also done coaching on the phone & on video for over 3 years.


Is your program just texting?

My program offers the ability to do a combo of text, phone calls and video calls.

I want to offer flexibility and match my client’s comfort levels.


Where do I go to learn more?

Use the contact form below & we can connect 1:1

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