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Want to take the ‘Daily Vacation’ challenge?

By participating in this challenge you will develop the ability to find enjoyment in the small things in life.

You’ll be able to find joy in everyday life, as opposed to just looking forward to special occasions like birthdays & holidays.

What exactly is the ‘Daily Vacation’ challenge?

Every day for the next 7 days, choose a different vacation.


➡️ Going for a scenic walk

➡️ Eating out or ordering in so you don’t have to cook

➡️ Talking with a friend (phone, in-person, video)

➡️ Having a hot bath with bath salts, candles & essential oils

➡️ Take in the fresh air & salt water at the beach

➡️ Seeing a play or movie

➡️ Watching the sunrise or sunset

➡️ Browsing an art gallery

If it’s not obvious, the possibilities are unlimited!

Focus on personal activities that bring you joy (again, PERSONAL…not a ‘vacation’ for your spouse, kids, etc)

woman arms wide on beach with seagulls

Before Daily Vacation

Your daily vacation is a time to relax. This is the time to set aside worries, fears, judgments, and any emotions or thoughts that would take you away from your enjoyment.

Be sure to avoid distractions!

For example, put away your phone or at least turn off notifications and/or silence it.

During Daily Vacation

Be in the present and experience what is happening.

Take a minute to breathe & look around. Take 3 deep breaths.

Notice the sensations that come and go. Notice and accept how you are feeling and how your emotions ebb and flow.

KEY WORDS: notice & accept

What positive emotions are you feeling? Take a mental note of all of them.

Outwardly express these emotions: smiling, humming, singing, dancing

girl in a peach sweater writing on an ipad

Post Daily Vacation

Start thinking about what tomorrow’s Daily Vacation will be.

Plan ahead!

You can journal about it, envision it, talk to a friend - simply look forward to it!

Daily Before Bed

Take at least 5 minutes to rekindle the positive emotions that you savored during your Daily Vacation that day.

End of the Week

Take 10-15 minutes to recall all of the positive emotions that you felt in the past seven days.

Recall how you felt this past week compared to a normal week for you.

Are there any differences? How do you feel right now?


Unlock daily happiness with personalized 'Daily Vacations'. Schedule a call to begin your journey!

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