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Welcome to the group of 45 million people : a group no one wants to be in

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Welcome to the group of 45 million borrowers who collectively owe nearly $1.56 trillion in student loan debt in the US. Higher than both credit cards and auto loans, and only behind mortgage debt - student loan debt is now the second highest consumer debt category.

I remember when I graduated high school my parents said they weren’t cosigning any loans, so I knew I was on my own. When you’re young, most people don’t really pay attention to the price tag or the interest that will be collected while you’re in school, or how big the payments will be monthly after – you’re thinking you want/need to go to school and money isn’t magically going to fall from the sky.

For me, it wasn’t a want, it was a NEED to go to school. I knew if I wanted to be successful in my field, I would need the formal education to back me up. It was my choice to go, and now I’m stuck with this huge bill that will most likely (try) to haunt me the rest of my life.

When talking with friends, I realize that the majority of my friends took out loans on their own too. Now, they have graduated and some have children and houses, and they’re stuck with this huge student loans bill (sometimes their significant other has one too) and they’re stressed….every single month...every single time it comes to pay this big chunk of change. Since I am officially graduating in May, my bills haven’t started coming yet – but I know they will.

Again, unless money is magically falling from the sky/growing on trees/ you receive a huge inheritance…your loans aren’t going anywhere. So at this point, the problem isn’t the price tag, the problem is dealing with the anxiety of being in student loan debt.

If you’ve taken loans and know the crippling anxiety it can take on your mind and body – how do you cope?

I have a program that addresses stress, anxiety and overwhelm – all emotions revolving around student loan debt. Book a possibility call here to discuss how we can work together to free you from those negative emotions, and allow you the opportunity to learn coping techniques.

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