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How to Choose the Right Coach: Education, Experience, and Success Rates

Updated: May 3

When it comes to personal growth, whether in areas such as health, business, or relationships, having the right coach can be a game-changer. 

But with so many options out there, how do you ensure you're picking the best one for your specific needs? 

How to Choose the Right Coach: Education, Experience, and Success Rates

Here's a guide to help you vet potential coaches based on what I feel are some of the most important areas…

Understand Their Educational Background

The first step in vetting a coach is to look into their educational qualifications. While it’s not always necessary for a coach to have formal degrees in their area of coaching, it can be a significant indicator of their dedication and understanding of their field. 

For instance, a health coach might have certifications from reputable organizations like the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) or have a background in nutrition or exercise science.

For business coaches, look for someone with an MBA or specific business training, preferably associated with a reputable organization like International Coach Federation (ICF). 

Relationship coaches might have degrees in psychology or certifications in counseling. 

Remember, the relevance of their education to their coaching niche is what’s most crucial.

The reason I lean heavily on checking for education is because the coaching world can be really freaking scary. Anyone can label themselves a coach - there’s no licensure needed, so beware of that!!

Evaluate Their Experience

Experience is also very very important. 

Ask potential coaches about their journey in the coaching field. 

How long have they been coaching? What kinds of clients have they worked with? Have they worked with a coach before?

This information can give you insight into whether they’ve dealt with challenges similar to yours and their ability to adapt to different situations.

Don’t hesitate to ask for case studies or examples of their work. A seasoned coach will be proud to showcase their portfolio and share stories of how they’ve helped clients achieve their goals.

Also, if your coach answers that they’ve never worked with a coach before - RUN! Don’t walk, run! 

Check Their Success Rate

Success rates can be tricky to gauge, but they’re incredibly revealing. 

Ask your potential coach about the outcomes of their coaching relationships. While confidentiality and personal differences mean they can't share everything, they can provide generalized statistics or anecdotes that demonstrate their effectiveness.

Additionally, client testimonials and reviews can be incredibly helpful. Look for feedback that mentions specific improvements clients have experienced, as these are good indicators of a coach’s ability to facilitate real change.

Compatibility and Comfort

Finally, ensure that you feel comfortable with your coach. This is someone you’ll be sharing quite a bit with, so it’s important that their coaching style and personality align with your preferences. 

Most coaches offer a free preliminary session (or at a reduced rate), so take advantage of this to see if their approach feels right for you!

If you’re feeling something is off when researching a coach, go with your gut feeling. If they’re hesitant to answer questions or you get the feeling they’re lying, move on to the next coach.

Annie Delre NBCHWC certified health and wellness coach

My Education, Experience, and Success Rates

Now that I shared what to look for, I can share more about me. It’s super important for me to be transparent with my clients. 

My education includes a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Master’s degree in Integrative Wellness Coaching. I am also certified in multiple modalities such as Life & Success Coaching, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom techniques (EFT), and more! I am also a nationally board certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBCHWC). 

As for experience, I’ve been coaching over 4 years and have worked with 650+ clients, ages ranging from 5 years old to 84 years old. I’ve worked for major mental health companies as both a coach and presenter, and have been on over 60+ podcasts to speak on my expertise. Also, I’ve done coaching via phone calls, text and video. 

For success rate, I can confidently say my clients have had huge successes. I often have clients tell me their lives were changed more in 1 session with me, than years in therapy. I have helped people write books/screenplays/comics, save for their wedding & another a downpayment for their house, develop video games, organize their house, plan major moves, leave their jobs & get better ones. I have also had success with people’s physical health journey such as adding in (fun) exercise to their lifestyle, weight loss or quitting cigarettes. 


Choosing the right coach involves more than just checking a box. It’s about finding someone whose educational background aligns with their coaching practice, whose experience speaks to their competence, and whose success rate reflects their effectiveness. 

Take your time, do your homework, and choose someone who feels like the right fit for your personal growth journey.

Remember, the right coach is not just a teacher, but a partner in your path to achieving your goals. 

So, choose wisely and start your journey to transformation!

Want to work together?

If you're ready to start your journey with a coach, and feel we may be a fit, reach out to me today! We can connect via the contact form below, or email me at

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