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Are You Living on 2%?

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Shout-out to my friend Eric who gave me this brilliant blog title. He started using this phrase when I continuously left the house with less than a 10% charge on my phone. Most times we hung out (which is daily), my phone was dying and I could not call a Lyft/check email/send a text. This is a huge red flag that I don’t have my shit together.

Can you relate? Are you living on 2%?

If you’re constantly running late, missing deadlines, carrying around a dead phone – you need to get your shit together too.

Some solutions?

Running late – set alarms…MANY alarms. Remind yourself the night before, 5 hours before, 2 hours before, an hour before, then a final reminder of when you need to leave the house by to get there on time. Try to reach for even getting there 5-10 minutes late. Side note: if it’s an interview, don’t show up 10 minutes early, 5 is fine, you don’t want to seem desperate. The other person arranged the time because that was what was best for their schedule.

Missing deadlines – again, set reminds. WRITE IT IN A PLANNER. An amazing suggestion for a planner would be Passion Planner ( – they even have FREE print outs. Another easy way to not miss deadlines is letting others know about your deadline. For example, you say you want to run a mile next month. Tell your friends, family members, co-workers, you’ll notice they will start asking you about it, and keeping you accountable without being annoying (sometimes).

Dead phone – charge this thing before you go out!!!!! I don’t know why this seems to be so hard for me, but charging beforehand will save you the nightmare of your phone dying when you need to leave a place asap and need a Lyft/Uber. How did I fix my program? I immediately went onto Amazon and bought a cordless charger…game changer people!

Living on 2% could also mean physically. Are you eating enough during the day? Are you nourishing your mind, body and soul? Is your gas tank always on E? Is your savings account full on tumbleweeds? These are all examples of living less than.

Do you have an experience of living on 2%?

Comment below!

I want to hear your stories and how you fixed it and/or are still living with the b.s. !

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