Surviving a Panic Attack

Last week I had two panic attacks. Daily I take vitamins, practice yoga, workout, train in self-development, give myself love and practice self-care – none of these things changed the fact that I had panic attacks. With that being said, I did survive and I will continue to survive them. The tips below will help you survive your next panic attack.

1. Sit down

2. Breath – take a big breathe in and out (holding it for 3 seconds), and remind yourself to breathe

3. Talk to yourself kindly

4. Remind yourself you’re going to be okay, even say it out loud “I will be okay”, “I am a survivor”, “I am safe”

5. Lay down if sitting down isn’t helping

6. Drink a cold glass of water

7. Write your feelings down if you can

8. Reach out to a trusted friend/family member

9. Practice deep breathing, meditation and grounding techniques. There are thousands of videos on YouTube to help!

During the episode, it is important to get somewhere where you feel safe. Sitting down and getting in the fetal position really helps. If you’re alone, try calling someone to help you through it. If there is no one around or no one answers the phone, it’s okay, you can survive it alone. If this happens often, plan ahead. Write down a mantra to say during your attack.

Can you think of more tips? Let me know! Comment below.

Are you or someone you know struggling with panic attacks or just stress and anxiety in general?Reach out to me, I can help.

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