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What do you mean by 'Revamp your Life'?

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

The definition of 'revamp' is : an act of improving the form, structure, or appearance of something

Think, revamp = improve

Are you looking to 'improve' yourself?

Starting with just 1 simple change will make a difference,

but here are 8 ways to revamp yourself...

1. Erase your old story – write it down and burn it or bury it.

2. Hangout and speak with only people who support you – surround yourself with these people daily.

3. Get rid of old bad habits – stop holding onto things that no longer serve you. For example, cigarettes.

4. Redo your room/car/desk at work – change your environment for the better, clean everything!

5. Redo your wardrobe/ switch it up – do you usually wear black? Wear bold colors!

6. Try doing activities you did as a child – draw, color, write, dance, sing, do a cartwheel.

7. Get a new hairstyle/makeover – ladies, cut or dye your hair; men, grow or cut your beards.

8. Get clear on what you want - start setting goals.

Can you think of more? Comment below!

Do you need help with any of these? I am your girl! Reach out to me today :)

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