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My 28th Year ; The Good & the Bad

In just a few days, May 23rd, I am turning 29 years old. I have mixed feelings about my birthday every year, but I am happy to announce this past year has led to the most growth (especially the past few months).

Reflecting on the past year, I was able to put my experiences into 2 categories: good and bad. I don’t think “good” and “bad” are the best words to describe it, but at this time it’s the best I can think of. I am going to start with the “bad” events and then end on a high note - the good :)


  • In March my brother and best friend passed away

  • In April I got COVID and was debilitated for over 2 weeks

  • This month I cracked my tooth and needed emergency surgery to remove it due to the excruciating pain

(and now for the fun part...)


  • Got massages regularly

  • Took many luxurious baths

  • Saw Lisa Nichols present live

  • Worked with a financial advisor

  • Had a fun professional photoshoot

  • Presented at multiple mental health events

  • Got a tattoo I’ve wanted for the last 10 years

  • Spent 3 digital-free weekends in a beautiful hotel

  • My cousin and I are closer than we’ve ever been before

  • Earning at least $30k more than I did the previous year

  • Was able to take many long walks with no time limit or set destination

  • Featured in San Diego’s Women Magazine as a Women of Distinction

  • Spent a whole month in NJ and got to spend time with my siblings and parents

  • Met MANY people in the mental health field that are like-minded and like-hearted

  • Started working for 2 AMAZING companies that truly value me and my mental health

Notice I have 5x more “good” experiences than “bad”. It’s important to focus on the positive but this does not mean to completely ignore the negative - but instead put a spotlight on the “good”.

By ignoring the “bad”, you’re not allowing your conscious or unconscious mind to process what happened and will make it harder to heal and hopefully eventually move on. For example, after my brother's passing I didn't ignore my feelings, I accepted them and reached out to others for support. By not burying those feelings, I allowed my conscious and unconscious mind to process the tragedy in a healthy way.

Some may read this post and think “um okay bragggg”, but celebrating your accomplishments and reflecting on your past is important - it’s how we’re able to grow.

I suggest everyone make a list of the good and bad each year on/around their birthdays. It’s a great opportunity to reflect and learn more about yourself while allowing you a chance to celebrate your wins.

What were your accomplishments/wins this past year?

My life is better with every year of living it. - Rachel Maddow

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