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What do you mean by 'Let People Have Their Day'?

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

This post is about allowing people to be who they are without judgement. It discussed how a mindset shift must be done in order to change our thinking patterns.

What do I mean by “their day”?

Let me start with a story that happened to me about 2 years ago…

One of my favorite activities was walking to the lake by my house. This was a place I spend a lot of time with my friends - talking, sunbathing, and loving nature. I have spent many hours there lounging, reading books, writing in my journal, brainstorming for my business and meeting new people.

Most days at the lake are filled with many different characters. People watching is one of my favorite pass times, and the lake is prime real estate. (I promise this story has a point)

Anyway, one day I arrived at the lake in the afternoon and found the seats where I usually sit were already packed. I was excited because I knew I was going to have a fantastic day for people watching while I waited for my friends to show up. One individual, had a megaphone. Usually megaphones are extremely obnoxious and annoying….this one was no different.

The man on the megaphone was hollering at every person that walked/skated/biked by. It was hard to watch and at some points uncomfortable. I was determined to have a great day and did not want this man to ruin it with his behavior.

About an hour after arriving at the lake, my friends showed up. At that point, I already met a new friend and was talking to him. I had tuned out the megaphone because I was so engaged in our conversation. When my friends pointed out the man continuously screaming in the megaphone, I just nonchalantly said something like, “oh yeah, he’s been here all day, get used to it”. Then I realized, wow, I had gotten used to it. I was able to tune him out. In the beginning it was hard because I was annoyed with the man for “ruining” my wonderful Sunday afternoon. But guess what, he didn’t “ruin” it. He was actually a non-factor in my day. When I was busy living my life, I had forgotten he was even there. Which brings me to my lesson…


That man might be annoying at the lake with his megaphone, but he is LOVING (and probably dying for) the attention. Getting this recognition for a few hours may have made his day, or week, or month. When you are busy have amazing hours, minutes, and even seconds – you are too busy to worry about other people’s shit. I was having a lovely afternoon meeting new people and then hanging out with my best friends. My day was not going to revolve around someone else that I had no control over. I let them be – let him have his day.

Another scenario could be a work situation. For example, your boss gives a colleague a shout-out in a work email about how fabulous they are. Although you think this employee does absolutely nothing all day, while you bust your ass, they apparently did well enough to get your bosses recognition. Instead of being annoyed with the email (or jealous, pissed, etc.) give them a “good job” and move on with your day. You are busy being amazing every minute of the day – you don’t need a shout-out to feel good about yourself, you are kicking ass while others are still starting their day. Keep your eyes on the prize; meaning your work and your work only! Everyone deserves love and recognition. Your colleague may be having a hard time at home and that shout-out made their month. They may not have loving family and friends who encourage them. Be grateful for your loving family and friends – and let them have their day.

Are you having trouble letting people “have their day”?

Reach out to me at so we can discuss steps to changing your mindset and have you going from the danger zone to the chill zone.

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