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Here's 20 Ways to Show You're Thankful (not just on Thanksgiving)

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Thanksgiving Day isn't the only day to show thanks to your loved ones! 💖

It doesn't even have to be loved ones/people you know for you to give thanks. It can be the person who helped pick up your groceries when you dropped them coming out of the store. Or the person delivering them when you order on Instacart! It can be the person who let you go 1st when in traffic, or even the person who didn't flip you off & honk their horn when you accidentally cut them off. (I bolded the ones below that would be nice/more appropriate for strangers)

Below are 20 ways on how you can show people your gratitude without breaking the bank. Most of these ideas are free!

  1. Tell them you love them & are thankful they’re in your life

  2. Write a letter/email/text

  3. Buy them flowers

  4. Send an edible arrangement

  5. Set up a weekly date to FaceTime/video

  6. Volunteer to be their accountability partner

  7. Bring /order them soup when they’re sick

  8. Send them a funny gif

  9. Take them on a picnic

  10. Give them a big hug

  11. Surprise them with a random act of kindness

  12. If they’re parents, offer to watch their kids

  13. Be present when they speak to you

  14. Smile and look them in the eyes

  15. Write a recommendation for them on LinkedIn

  16. Give them a compliment

  17. When they’re venting to you, instead of giving advice, ask “how can I hold space for you”?

  18. Celebrate them when they accomplish something

  19. Host a gathering & invite them

  20. Acknowledge them publicly


Do you have any additional ideas for giving thanks?

Which ones on the list have you tried in the past?

Which ones on the list do you want to do moving forward?


Let me know in the comments below or email me at 📧

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