Find Your Tribe

Updated: Mar 30

Being an adult is hard enough, having a support system is crucial. If you’re looking to find your tribe, here are a few suggestions…

· Be comfortable with yourself first

· Find someone with similar interests and passions

· Join Facebook groups

· Look at Craigslist groups

· Visit to find people in your area

· Let your acquaintances know you want to know more about them, ask to hangout

· Spend time with family in the meantime, especially siblings and cousins

*Shout out to my cousin Sara who saved my childhood and teenage years

· Join a sports team

· Join a group at your church

· Check up on old friends, rekindle a friendship

Finding new friends is somewhat like dating. Not everyone will be your soul mate, but stay open minded and be open to meeting new people with different backgrounds and experiences. Like dating, sometimes opposites attract.

These are only a few ways to make friends, can you think of more?


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