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 90-Day Career Accelerator Program 

 Empowering Women in Male-Dominant Fields

to Out-Earn & Out-Perform Their Colleagues 

 It takes 21 days to build a habit, 90 days to build a lifestyle
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Are you a woman in a male-dominant field?
If so, let me start by saying -
How many of the following can you relate to?
Lack of clarity for the future of your career - 
leading to feeling anxious and overwhelmed.
Dissatisfied with your professional life
& it’s affecting your personal life
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Frustration with lack of progression in your career - leading to less money, promotions
& other missed opportunities.
My 90-day program is perfect for you!
Coach Annie Delre testimonial
- Clayton -
Working with Annie was exactly what I needed. She’s brilliant at asking exactly the right questions.
She can always help me gain clarity on my goals even when I’m feeling chaotic and like I’m making no sense at all. She guides me calming, compassionately and intelligently. I trust her and I’m grateful to have found her as a coach.
Highly recommend!
Coach Annie Delre testimonial
- Krys -
My one-on-one coaching with Annie has helped me tremendously with my new life! Yes, NEW LIFE!
I was able to achieve the realistic goals we set together as a team! To be honest, I didn’t think I needed a life coach, but I was wrong.
I decided to continue my coaching sessions with Annie and couldn’t be happier!
Coach Annie Delre testimonial
- Brooke -
Annie has been a compassionate and powerful motivating force in my life.
 Not only have I been able to identify and accomplish many of my goals while working with her, but through Annie’s guidance I have overcome personal obstacles by nurturing my inner child which has been truly liberating, empowering, and the key to my success.  
High praise for the person she is and services she offers.
Imagine if this was your life 90 days from now...
Clarity on exact next steps needed to
excel in your professional life
(a specific plan, step-by-step)
Increased job opportunities
& earning potential
Increased confidence & fulfillment
Improved mental & physical health
Here's what you can expect:

⭐️  One Introduction Career Clarity Call 

⭐️  Twelve 45-min Success Blueprint Sessions 

⭐️  Twelve 15-min Power Check-ins 

⭐️  A step-by-step action plan for your professional goals, tailored specifically to you

⭐️  Access to my exclusive portal packed with resources & tools

⭐️  Text and email support to answer your questions & provide guidance between coaching sessions 


⭐️ Simple & proven stress & time management techniques to help you feel more in control, reduce your stress levels, and achieve your goals

Our Services

  • 3-month Payment Plan

    Every month
    Valid for 3 months
    • ⭐️ One Introduction Career Clarity Call
    • ⭐️ Twelve 45-min Success Blueprint Coaching Sessions
    • ⭐️ Twelve 15-min Power Check-ins
    • ⭐️ A step-by-step action plan for your professional goals
    • ⭐ Access to a exclusive portal packed with resources & tools
    • ⭐️ Text & email support between sessions
  • Pay-in-Full

    Valid for 3 months
    • ⭐️ One Introduction Career Clarity Call
    • ⭐️ Twelve 45-min Success Blueprint Coaching Sessions
    • ⭐️ Twelve 15-min Power Check-ins
    • ⭐️ A step-by-step action plan for your professional goals
    • ⭐ Access to a exclusive portal packed with resources & tools
    • ⭐️ Text & email support between sessions
    • ⭐️ ⭐BONUS: Two extra 15-min Power Check-ins (after program)
    • ⭐️ ⭐BONUS: Access to discounts for future products/programs
Coach Annie Delre testimonial
- Laina -

Working with Annie has been a transformative experience. From the very beginning, I felt comfortable speaking with her, and she made it easy for me to open up about my goals and challenges. 


Annie is a great listener, and she always offers insightful feedback and suggestions that help me stay accountable to my goals. What I appreciate most about working with her is that she empowers me to come up with my own solutions and strategies, but also provides guidance and support when needed. 


Overall, Annie is an exceptional coach who creates a safe and supportive environment that encourages deep growth and development.

Coach Annie Delre testimonial
- Yumi -

Her greatest gift is getting you to figure out what you want and what it will take to get there.  Annie listens to what you are saying and can pick out exactly what it is you want to do, where your strengths are and how to put them to use.  


Need some help finding your direction, have an idea but not quite sure what to do with it or just need to bounce the ideas off of someone who can pick out what you are looking for call on Annie.

Coach Annie Delre testimonial
- Michelle -
My experience with Annie has been incredible. Working with her has been a complete game-changer in my life.

She took the time to really get to know me, my goals, and my challenges, and then she helped me clear goals and plans. 

What I really appreciate about working with Annie is that she never made me feel guilty or ashamed for my past choices or my struggles. Instead, she focused on empowering me to make positive changes, one step at a time.


She was always available to answer my questions, offer guidance, and provide motivation when I needed it most. I find myself starting the week with clear goals, which is something I never really intentionally thought about before.

Not in a male-dominant field but think you can benefit from my program?

Let's connect! This program can help anyone interested in career development.
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Hi, I'm Annie

Nationally Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

I'm dedicated to helping my clients build a life of confidence, wellness, and success.


I have a background in Psychology and a master's in Integrative Wellness Coaching, as well as certifications in Life & Success Coaching, Neuro-linguistic Programming & Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).


Having worked with over 500+ clients, I bring a wealth of experience to coach women on their path to both personal and professional growth and fulfillment.

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San Diego + Virtual


(619) 818-6820


Let's Connect

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