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Stress & Anxiety Management Program

87% of students have experienced stress during their college years

Hi, I'm Annie

My mission is to help women overcome stress, anxiety & overwhelm.

I grew up in NJ and now live in CA. I moved across country by myself, leaving behind all of my family and friends. I was willing to get out of my comfort zone so I could live my dream life.


I earned my Bachelor's in Psychology, with a minor in Sociology and my Master's in Integrative Wellness Coaching. 

I am also certified in the following:

- Integrative Wellness Coaching

- Life & Success Coaching

- Neuro-Linguistic Programming

- Time Technique Practitioner

- Clinical Hypnotherapist

- Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner

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It’s worth mentioning that I DO NOT care about social media. I don’t use platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. I only use Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube. I don’t care about likes, comments or the amount of followers.


If you’re looking for a social media star, look elsewhere. I am not here to impress you with my Gucci belt or Fendi scarf – I am here to assist you in YOUR journey.

Annie Delre - Millennial Life Coaching f

Why do I coach college students?

My academic journey started in 2010 when I began earning my associate's degree. Flash forward to 2020 and I now have my masters.

I remember when I first started earning my degrees I would spend most of my time feeling mentally exhausted from having to work and be a student at the same time. I had a hard time juggling my responsibilities. I was always dreading doing my school assignments - I spent more time worrying about them than I spent working on them. I felt overwhelmed, stressed and anxious from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed. 

When I looked around at my classmates, I found they were struggling just as much as I was. I wanted to know what I could do to stop feeling like this, and how I could help other students do the same. I decided to eat, sleep and breathe the topic of self development. I didn’t want to just survive, I wanted to thrive. 

I studied every single day. I started listening to people who taught subjects like goal setting, planning, motivation, resilience, stress management and mental health. I read every book I could get my hands on and read every blog I could find on the topics. I started following coaches and then coaching myself. I made small, and then big lifestyle changes so that I could earn my degrees AND live my best life. 

I was so interested in the topic of stress and anxiety that I even wrote my master’s capstone project on it: Health Coaching as an Effective Tool for Managing Stress & Anxiety. As you may have already figured out, my research proved that health coaching IS an effective tool for managing stress and anxiety. 

Fortunately for me (and now for you), I learned many techniques along the way to allow me to survive and then thrive in college. Learning these techniques helped me work up to 4 jobs at a time while earning my undergrad degree, and then working full-time while earning my masters and running my business. I can’t say it’s been a pretty journey - but I definitely prevailed in the end. 

Aside from being a student, I also worked in higher education. While attending community college I worked as a student worker in the president’s office. Then, for over the past 2½ years while earning my master’s degree, I worked as an Admissions Counselor. Working in the field really helped me understand the in's and out's of higher ed. 

Now that I have the experience, education and skills to teach the topic, I am here to share that knowledge, coach you along the way, and help you have a stress-free semester.

45% of college students

feel like they experience

“more than average” stress

You’re perfect for this program if...

You’re just beginning your college journey & you’re already feeling overwhelmed
You’ve already been earning a degree & you’re losing your sh*t
You took a break from college & are now coming back & overwhelmed by the process of starting again
You’re struggling balancing school & your other responsibilities
You’re spending more time worrying about your assignments than actually working on them
You are ready to get rid of bad habits & make room for healthy ones
You want to create less anxiety & more happiness
You are ready to make a commitment to yourself & take control of your life

This program isn't right for you if...

You are not ready to change your mindset or think change is impossible
You are interested in blaming the world around you for how you're feeling
You are looking for someone to complain to
You are racist/sexist/homophobic, etc. 
If you feel we are aligned and would like the opportunity to work with me, click below to schedule a Possibility Call!
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