Find your voice.
Commit to your growth. Control your future.

Stress acts as an accelerator: it will push you either forward or backward,
but you choose which direction.

- Chelsea Erieau

Hi, I'm Annie

Certified Integrative Wellness Coach

Most of my clients are female students, young professionals and moms who are suffering from stress, anxiety and overwhelm. I help them by creating awareness and accountability while identifying behavior changes, and teaching stress management techniques.


One of the things that I’m proud to say that sets me apart from others in the industry is my education:


My undergraduate in Psychology and minor in Sociology taught me about cognitive, developmental, behavioral, social and clinical psychology. My bachelor’s degree gave me a broad understanding of human behavior.


My graduate degree in Integrative Wellness Coaching allowed me to master the art and science of coaching. I was able to learn and utilize evidence-based approaches that help clients with lifestyle and behavior modifications.


My certifications in Life & Success Coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Technique and Clinical Hypnotherapy prepared me to coach in different modalities to serve my clients specific needs, as opposed to having a standardized approach.

Learn more about me and my practice from this feature article in San Diego Women's Magazine. 


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Stress is not what happens to us.
It's our response to what happens & response is something we can choose.

—Maureen Killoran
Stress is the trash of modern life–we all generate it, but if you don’t dispose of it properly, it will pile up and overtake your life.
-Danzae Pace
In a year, 95% of the things that stress you out now you’ll look back and laugh at. The other 5%, you should probably get to work on.
 - Justin Kan
Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.
-Mother Teresa
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We definitely are a fit to
work together if...

You want to create less anxiety and more happiness.
You are willing to try new things and get new results.
You want to create less overwhelm and more balance.
You are ready to get rid of bad habits, and make room for healthy ones.
You want to create a clear picture of what your life purpose is.
You are ready to make a commitment to yourself and take control of your life.

We definitely aren’t a fit to
​work together

You are not ready to change or think change is impossible.
You are interested in blaming the world around you for how your life turned out.
You are racist/sexist/homophobic, etc. 


I offer a 90-day group coaching program, 1:1 coaching & public speaking events


Group Coaching

Starting May 2022, join other amazing women for a 3-month journey exploring topics such as: mindfulness, automatic thoughts, judgment,  acceptance, goals, compassion & goal setting.

Image by Julia Caesar

1:1 Coaching

Together we will formulate a personalized plan to set you up for great success. We will explore goal setting, your strengths and values and understand your Wellness Wheel to get a 360 view of where you are...and where you'd like to be!

Conference Room

Public Speaking

Book me today to speak at your next event. Topics discussed are stress management, goal setting & mind/body connection. I am also qualified to speak on other topics - just ask.


Courtney, Canada

"Annie has an exceptional ability to listen for the deeper desires and needs of those she works with. In our sessions, she creates clarity in a way that allows me to feel truly understood and empowered. One of my favourite things about working with Annie as my coach is that I can feel how much she really cares, and that she’s on my team routing for my success."