Annie has an exceptional ability to listen for the deeper desires and needs of those she works with. In our sessions, she creates clarity in a way that allows me to feel truly understood and empowered. One of my favourite things about working with Annie as my coach is that I can feel how much she really cares, and that she’s on my team routing for my success.
-Courtney, Cananda
Annie always asks difficult questions of me, which I am not always prepared to digest.  However, she always presents these queries in a loving and supportive fashion.  I feel comfortable with her, yet am challenged in ways that are deeply fulfilling.
-Jonathan, Maryland 
Annie has been a compassionate and powerful motivating force in my life.  Not only have I been able to identify and accomplish many of my goals while working with her, but through Annie’s guidance I have overcome personal obstacles by nurturing my inner child which has been truly liberating, empowering, and the key to my success.  High praise for the person she is and services she offers.
-Brooke, Oakland, CA

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