Balance Yourself - Mind and Body

Updated: Mar 30

Not only am I a Life Design Coach, but I am a Mind Body Coach as well. The importance of balancing your mind and body is as important as brushing your teeth 2x a day. You should be checking in with yourself more than 2x a day, asking yourself “how does my body feel?” “how am I mentally as this moment?”. If you’re thirsty, drink some water, hydrate your body. Maybe you realize you’re hungry and irritable, go grab some almonds and a glass of water before you can find a bigger more filling meal. Fill yourself up with fruits and vegetables and tell yourself you’re eating this way because you love yourself and respect yourself enough to take care of your body.

If you check in mentally and find yourself irritable, try to pinpoint where that annoyance is stemming from. Then ask yourself, will this matter in 5 years? If not, let that shit go. If you can’t understand where the annoyance is stemming from, then it can’t be that serious of a problem to begin with. Again, let that shit go. Clearing your mind of bad intentions and annoyances allows you the opportunity to make space for the important things in your life – goals, dreams, aspirations, creativity.

Another great way to balance yourself is tracking your time. By tracking where your time is going, you know where your energy is going throughout the day. If you find you spend 3 hours watching Netflix every night and go to bed feeling unfulfilled and unmotivated, maybe after tracking it and bringing it to awareness, you will see you can do something else with that time. Maybe listen to Tony Robbins before bed, or work on that special project you’ve always wanted to do (ex; write a book/song/poem, practice a musical instrument, and/or plan a business). The opportunities are endless when you give yourself time and space to create!

Are you balanced mind and body? Do you want to be?

Message me, or leave a comment, I want to hear how you balance yourself!


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